Nuestros Servicios de Abogacía y Finanzas

En nuestro despacho ofrecemos servicios de abogacía y finanzas tales como servicios jurídicos, penales, extranjería, mediación familiar, sucesiones y donaciones, accidentes y despidos laborales…

Notarial deeds

Inheritances, sales, loans, cancellations, commercial documents, deposit, annual accounts, Legalization of Books, etc.

Inheritances of residents and non-residents

Settlement and presentation at the State Agency of Madrid. Application of agreements, installments, deferrals, etc.

Certificate Management

Companies, Last Wills, Insurance, Criminal, Property Registry, Mercantile Registry, State and Canary Islands Treasury, Social Security, etc.

La Mediación Familiar

Intrajudicial family mediation AND WITH AN EXTRAJUDICIAL NATURE, in many cases, helps that judicial system, and has come to expedite many cases. With a high level of citizen satisfaction, it is widely regulated in Spain: regional laws on
family mediation.

For more information on the role of the mediator, you can consult its meaning on the website of JUDICIAL POWER.

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Accidentes y Despidos Laborales

What can I claim in a work accident ? How much time do I have to claim? Am I entitled to compensation? When is a dismissal legal? When is it not legal? Is my salary adequate to the agreement?

We personally advise you on this and many other questions, because one layoff or an accident at work is never the same as another. You don’t have to settle for a chance.

At RTGC&ASOCIADOS we study each case and offer you the most appropriate solution.

Accidentes de Tráfico

The Traffic Accident Claims Service allows Lawyers to automatically manage their clients’ personal injury claims arising from traffic accidents.

This service is the result of the agreement signed between the General Council of Spanish Lawyers and the Insurance Business Association (UNESPA) and TIREA, a company that develops technological solutions. It comes to give a technical response to lawyers so that they can work in a secure communication environment with insurers when presenting, on behalf of their clients, the corresponding claims.

The platform allows lawyers, from their office and previously identified with their ACA digital certificate, to carry out online two-way communications with the Insurance Entities, expediting the claims of their clients derived from personal damages that are the consequence of traffic accidents.
The platform constitutes a guarantee of the issuance and reception of all communications, automatically issuing the corresponding acknowledgments of receipt and digitally signed certificates, both for the claim made with each and every one of the documents provided, as well as for the receipt of the communications issued by the Insurance Entities.

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